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“Balanced Scorecard”

by Kaplan
The Balanced Scorecard shows managers how to mobilize their people to fulfill the company's mission. More than just a measurement system, this revolutionary tool tells readers how to channel the energies, abilities, and specific knowledge they possess into the achievement of long-term goals. Ingram.
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“Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People's Minds“

By Paul B. Brown
By definition, leaders are people who have to change people's minds. What happens when we change our minds, and what exactly does it take for a person to change her mind and begin to act on the basis of her new opinion? According to this author, there are seven techniques you can use to change someone's mind.
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“First, Break All the Rules”

by Marcus Buckingham
The authors, both management consultants for the Gallup Organization, use the company's study of 80,000 managers in 400 companies to reach the conclusion that a company that lacks great frontline managers will bleed talent, no matter how attractive the compensation packages and training opportunities. With this in mind, they sought the answers to the follow-up questions: "How do great managers find, focus and keep talented employees." Mary Whaley, Booklist
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“Fun Works:
Creating Places Where People Love to Work”

by Leslie Yerkes
Fun Works presents real-life case studies and interviews with dozens of leading authors, companies and individuals that illustrate eleven important principles for creating a fun--and productive and profitable--workplace. Fun Works provides tips, resources, examples, and motivation to make it easy to unleash the power of fun in yourself, your coworkers, and your customers!
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“Hiring Smart”

by Dr. Pierre Mornell
People are the most valuable asset in today’s fiercely competitive workplace. In HIRING SMART, now available in paperback for the first time, Dr. Mornell delineates 45 simple strategies for "people reading"—observing a candidate’s behavior and predicting what they’ll be like in the workplace—that virtually guarantee hiring the best possible candidate for any job.
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