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The HR Answer Book

by Shawn A. Smith, Rebecca A. Mazin
The HR Answer Book addresses 200 questions that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting and hiring to discipline and termination, compensation and benefits to training and employee relations. Accessible and concise, this on-the-job companion offers expert guidance on all types of "people" issues, enabling managers and human resources professionals to: * Save time, money, and trouble * Increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention * Attract and hire the best candidates while avoiding the inferior ones* * Handle tough issues like sexual harassment, Internet and e-mail usage, performance problems, and more -- fairly, sensitively, and legally.
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“360 Degree Feedback”

by Mark Edwards
Presents a model for employee assessment in the age of teamwork, based on giving employees feedback from peers, customers, supervisors, and those who work for the employee, and shows how to design and implement it. Can be used in union and nonunion environments, in fields including health care, law, manufacturing, and military operations, and with methods such as diversity management, team-based work structures, and TQM. Contains sample forms and letters. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
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“96 Great Interview Questions...”

by Paul Falcone
Plenty of job titles advise on how to handle interview questions; but too few lend depth to the employer's side - what to ask, and how. Falcone's title is invaluable in telling how to organize interviews to best identify high-performance candidates and how to spot evasions and untruths. An excellent guide to turning general answers into specifics, and to using these candidates' specifics to assess strengths and weaknesses. Midwest Book Review.
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“Adams Streetwise Hiring Top Performers...”

by Bob Adams
Furnishes authoritative tips on how to find, interview, and hire the best people for a company, including six hundred interview questions and tips on networking, writing ads, screening techniques, references, and hiring legalities. Ingram. answers into specifics, and to using these candidates' specifics to assess strengths and weaknesses. Midwest Book Review.
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“Avoid Employee Lawsuits”

by Barbara Kate Repa
Presents an easy-to-use reference guide addressing the hiring of workers, doing background checks, testing applicants, keeping records, paying workers, avoiding discrimination, guarding against sexual harassment, preventing violence, conducting investigations, and firing.
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